Castle Doll Felinara Hybrid Sex Doll 90cm A-Cup - Enigmatic Feline Fantasy

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Product Description

Encounter the enigmatic allure of Felinara, our 90cm A-Cup Castle Doll with the charm of a feline fantasy. Her captivating gaze invites you into a realm of whimsical intimacy, blending the line between the wild and the delicate. Felinara is a unique hybrid, a companion for those who dare to indulge in the mystique of the untamed. 


Material :  Silicone

Neck: 22m

Height : 90cm

Weight : 16kg

Shoulder : 24cm

Bust : 51cm

Under Bust : 46cm

Cup: A

Waist : 58cm

Hip : 82cm

Feet: 9cm

Arm: 27cm

Leg: 40cm

Depth of Anus : 13 cm

Depth of Vagina : 14cm