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Synthetic Humanoid

Bestsexdollstore's research for state-of-the-art products never ends.
Quotidianly we ask ourself what's the best of the best within our sector and how we can easily provide them to our clients in a cost-effective way.

This fundamental question brought us to build up a new collaboration with a market-leader company, the Gynoid Tech LTD, which provide what we think is a terrific fusion of hi-end technology and art. No coincidence, in fact, that they have been working and still are working mainly for providing realistic gynoids for Hollywood's movies.

In this section, you can admire handmade and hyper-realistic sex dolls, which underwent a perfect combination of the top domestic artists in the field of digital and traditional human body sculpting, engineering and 3D digital modelling.
All the creations are made with food-grade platinum silicone and alloy plus engineering plastic bones. Moreover, keeping the ergonomics design in mind, the full-body joints mobility is pushed to its extreme ranges, allowing a human-like articulation of finger joints.

If you are looking for the best synthetic gynoid that market can offer, search no more.
And remember....personal and unique projects are always very welcome here in Bestsexdollstore. Transform your imagination into reality!

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12 of 12 Items