Sex dolls have undergone a great deal of transformation over the years. You definitely cannot compare the dolls realistic dolls available in the market today with the contraptions that were fashioned in the sixteenth century. Features on present day sex dolls are fashioned in the likeness of the human form as we know it.

When creating realistic sex dolls, a great amount of attention is paid to even the tiniest of details. These dolls are created to be life sized. This means that their height and weight is as close as possible to that of the average human.

To enhance the realistic experience, they have a metallic skeleton that allows them to maintain their forms at all times. The exterior surface is made primarily from silicone or thermoplastic elastomers (thermoplastic rubber) that give users of these dolls a similar feeling to touching actual human skin. These materials also allow features such as the breasts and the butt to have that supple feeling that is appealing in the female form.
Realistic dolls come in a wide variety. You have exotic dolls that are made in the likeness of women from a given geographical region. You can also get them in a variety of skin tones. Just in case you thought the needs of heterosexual women had been left out when designing realistic sex dolls, they weren’t. There exist male realistic dolls that host a number of variations in their features.

Uses for realistic sex dolls transcend sexual pleasures. Users of these dolls have been known to acquire them for emotional support and general companionship. Technological advancements are making it possible to add features such as the ability to converse with the dolls. As such their use for holistic companionship is growing.

Our shop offers you a wide selection of realistic dolls to choose from. We have over three hundred options that boast of a wide range of features. Our dolls have metallic skeletons that ensure that they maintain their various forms. They also vary in terms of their skin tone and eye colour. However, should you not be happy with these features in our default options offer, you have six choices of the former and four choices of the latter to play around with.

Variations in breast sizes range between an A cup and an E cup. You can amend the hair colour and style, makeup, and costumes of our realistic dolls as you wish. The dolls’ optional standing features are available for those who want to broaden their experimentation and overall experience with our beauties. The dolls also come with full limbs allowing you to hold hands or have her legs on your laps. Some of our models come with heating capabilities making your experiences with them as realistic as they come.
Every client has the option of disregarding our prescribed customization options all together. We offer you the ability to custom build your own realistic model based on your wants and desires. Nothing is really out of reach with our realistic models.
Have you tried one of our dolls yet? If no, what are you waiting for? If yes, how did that go?

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