Sex dolls today come in an array of shapes and sizes. As sex becomes a comfortable topic of discussion in today’s society, more information on sexual preferences and ideals in sexual partners are emerging. Manufacturers of sex dolls have become alive to these varying preferences. As a result, they are increasing the range of products released into the market to meet the ever rising and changing demands.

Mini sex dolls are one such product available in the market today. These dolls are typically miniature versions of life sized dolls. Don’t dismiss them just yet. There are a number of benefits that come with owning one of these. The features of these dolls can typically be found in life sized dolls, only smaller.

A typical min sex doll will be of a height not taller than one hundred centimetres and will weigh not more than twenty kilograms. The size of a min doll tends to be its biggest advantage over other sex dolls available in the market today. Since they are considerably small, they are easy to transport as well as store. This means that your sexual escapades with your new found love do not have to be interrupted by the need to travel. What’s more their light weight and small size allows you to move them every which way effortlessly.

There is also the fact of their affordability that cannot be ignored. Why pay more when you can get similar features for a fraction of the price? Since these dolls are smaller in size, they consume less materials making them cheaper to manufacture and consequently retail at a cheaper price in comparison to life-sized dolls.

The only down side to having a mini sex doll is the omission of the mouth and anus in dolls that are extremely small. That being said, these dolls make for great companion especially for those that are new to using dolls in general.

We have a range of at least thirty one mini dolls representing different features for you to choose from. Our dolls have a height range from between sixty five centimetres to one hundred and twenty five centimetres. They have varying breast sizes and come with mouth, anal and vaginal parts making them useful for anal, vaginal as well as oral sex.
Should the default dolls not match your preferred tastes to the T, we have a number of customization options for you to select from. You can choose a preferred eye colour between brown, black, blue, and green. Our range of skin tones vary from black to white with five other skin tones in between.

Hair is important to every woman’s look. This is why we have a selection of twenty one wigs to match your style. Depending on your preference, you can customize the breast size of your doll up to an E cup. Your doll of choice can either spot no pubes or be endowed with a thick bush. The permanent state of the vagina is also optional.
Enjoy your customizing your mini sex doll and feel free to let us know of your experiences with our products in the review section. Happy shopping folks.

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