The female form has been a source of awe and wonder for men and women alike since time in memorial. The stack variations between different women, heck, even the subtle differences, have always raised curiosity and intrigue in one way or the other.

Women with bigger, fuller and rounder breasts have always drawn attention and are often considered amongst the most desirable. Big breasts provide the perfect landscape for the perfect cleavage. Let’s be honest, there is something rather arousing about a good cleavage isn’t there?

Big beautiful breasts might be the go to choice for most men. Believe it or not, there are those that do prefer a woman with a small burst. Some actually like their women flat chested. It is this small community that has led the manufacturers of various sex doll brands to develop different types of flat chested sex dolls.

Flat chested dolls, like any other sex doll, are sex toys aimed at aiding their users attain sexual pleasures as well as providing much needed companionship. The key distinguishing characteristic of these dolls from the rest is their small breast size. For most of these dolls, the breast cup size does not go beyond an A cup.

Flat chested sex dolls can either be realistic (life-sized), mini dolls (similar to realistic dolls only smaller), or torso dolls. Needless to say, this categorization of sex dolls applies to female dolls. Other than the difference in cup size, a flat chest sex doll is similar to a majority of other types of sex dolls.

They come in a variety of skin tones, from a deep, beautifully dark tone to a white one, eye colours, hair styles and colours as well as heights and weights. Their heights and weights ultimately depend on which other sub-category of dolls they fall in (life-sized, mini, or torso). Thanks to technology and the endlessly curious and innovative mind of mankind, you have flat chest dolls that are self-heating, self-lubricating, reactive to touch, able to hold conversations and so much more.

At bestsexdoll, you have a wide variety of flat chested sex dolls to choose from. Our dolls vary in complexion, height and general body shape. Their metallic skeletons allow for them to maintain that beautiful shape. The material used for their ‘skin’ vary between thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and silicone. These two materials are preferred due to their skin-like feel when touched.

Depending on your model of choice, our flat chest sex dolls come with voice and heating functionality. You can custom make your doll by selecting from our over twenty wig styles, four eye colour choices, six skin tone choices and five choices for pubic hair density.

If you are looking to expand your options in terms of postures to be explored, you can opt for the inclusion of standing features. These features might also come in handy when storing your doll. Another feature you can customize is the permanency of your doll’s vagina. Our flat chested dolls allow for oral, anal as well as vaginal experiences.
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