If you want to make your silicone sex doll look hot and sexy, you should invest in several accessories and clothes. Clothing & Accessories for Silicone Sex Doll come in many varieties and styles.

Silicone doll clothing

•Aprons and nightwears. These accessories help improve your night experience with your sex dolls. Nicely crafted nightdresses and nightgowns are an easy way of enticing you to make love with your silicone sex doll even for the entire night.

•Naughty dresses. The most common pieces in this category include naughty nurse uniform, short summer school dresses, naughty secretary dresses, sexy maid dresses and chiffon dresses.

•Bra sets. Coming in all colors and designs, bra sets are one of the sex doll clothing that will reveal the sex doll assets in a sexy manner. You should, however, ensure that your sex doll bras fit them perfectly

•Thongs. Crotched and crotchless thong designs make your silicone sex doll look cute, comfortable and sexy, expanding its sexual horizons. The thongs you choose for your silicone sex doll should match perfectly with the bra sets in terms of design and color.

•Lingerie. In this category, there are pieces such as white nets, leather, captain lingerie and lingerie stockings.

•Shoes. Ranging from high heels to sexy rubber shoes, sex doll shoes must not lack in your silicone sex doll clothing sets. Shoes are mostly used to customize the height of the sex dolls.

Silicone dolls accessories

•Jewelry. Silicone sex dolls also require fashion gems such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings to enhance their beauty. Choose the jewelry that you love or commonly use, to make the silicone dolls look more authentic.

•Wigs. Hairpieces give silicone sex dolls an exquisite touch improving your experience with your sex dolls. You should choose a wig for your sex doll that is easy to maintain. You can use the same maintenance tools you use for your wigs to style the sex doll wigs.

•Doll eyes. To make your silicone sex dolls look more sexy and authentic, you should choose rare doll eyes. An example of unique doll eyes is the sexy blue eyes.

•Storage cases. A storage case should accommodate all the components of your silicone sex doll. You should make sure that when buying a sex doll, a storage casing is included in the package.

Advantages of Clothing & Accessories for Silicone Sex Dolls

•Makes your sex doll look sexy

•Extends the fun with your sex doll since they increase interaction time.

•Increase bondage roles with the sex dolls brought by activities such as tying up and undressing them.

If you want to improve your experience with your silicone sex dolls, you should purchase the above clothing and accessories. You can buy from our shop to make sure you get value for your money.

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