Sex is an integral part of the human existence. As such, sex dolls have been introduced in various shapes and forms over the years. Materials used to build these dolls have been changing and adopting to the needs of the ever growing client base. The different tastes in individual sexual partners has seen the introduction of exotic sex dolls.

The black sex doll is one of the many different dolls available in the market today. This is a sex toy created to depict the hidden and much overlooked beauty of the black woman. The physical features of the doll are inspired by those of a black woman.

Typically, this category of dolls is more voluptuous than other exotic doll types. They tend to be curvy and boast of big breasts, big, well rounded butts, as well as curvy hips. The shape of the face will often vary. The faces often have beautiful brown or black eyes and curvy lips.

Dolls in this category often have a sturdy yet sexy build. The have nice thick thighs that complement their legs. Hair in a black sex doll often comes in a variety of textures. Just like real-life black women, the dolls will have hair textures that vary in their degree of nappy and thickness. Some dolls have thick and nappy hair. Others will have fairly straight hair while others will spot thick, curly, yet soft hair.

In order to fully represent the wide range of features spotted by black women across the world, black dolls are customizable. One has the ability to customize not only the hair texture but the size of the bust, butt and hips as well. Another customizable feature in these dolls is the skin tone. You have dolls that depict that deep black beautiful complexion of black women to the dolls boasting of fairer skin tones as is the case of most multi-racial black women.

Black sex dolls at bestsexdoll allow for a number of customizable features. Our standard doll has a fairly petite build, a beautiful evenly dark skin tone and straight as well as curly hair and full lips. It has a B cup breast size and stands at 158cm tall. The metal skeleton keeps it sturdy while its silicone exterior gives it its softness and adds to the realistic qualities of its various features. It has three sexual orifices, the mouth, vagina and the anus allowing for oral, anal and vaginal sexual explorations.
We understand that the tastes and preferences of our client base vary. As such one has the option of customizing the skin tone of the doll from that deep, beautiful dark tone to a fairer tone. When it comes to the breast size, one has the option of anywhere between an A cup to an E cup.

There are twenty one different types of wigs that you can choose from. The eye colour can be modified to brown, blue or green. One can select the degree of bushiness of the pubic hair. One can also decide whether or not they would like a fixed vagina. Lastly, one can decide whether or not you would like your doll to come with standing features.
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