The human curiosity is known to be boundless. This curiosity extends from other sectors of everyday life to the bedroom. Like everything else, sex is constantly undergoing changes driven by our curious minds. One such curious space is that of anime sex dolls.

Anime has different meanings depending on where you are coming from. For the average Japanese national, anime is synonymous to cartoons. For the rest of the world however, anime refers to a Japanese style of making animations. This style is often heavy laden with colourful images, dramatic shots, and characters with very expressive faces. We are, however, not here to give you a film lecture.

Anime sex dolls have gained popularity in the market over the years. Their popularity is attributable to their ability to transport their users to the magical worlds represented by different anime and their characters. These dolls are created to mimic the features of various anime characters. The magical bit about these dolls is that the characters are not always human.
It is not uncommon to get anime dolls that are likened to mystical beings such as elves, androids, and vampires. These dolls vary a great deal in their height, weight, complexion and other features. Basically, customization of an anime doll will not only depend on your preferred taste and preferences but on the various features you character of choice is adorned by the creator of the anime.

Our TPE anime sex dolls are one hundred and sixty five centimetres in height and have a bust size between D and E cups. Their metal skeletons help to maintain their beautifully framed bodies while allowing for flexibility of the limbs. The make-up applied is semi-permanent allowing you the pleasure of changing her look based on the particular fantasy you are in the mood for. The throats are ribbed to provide you with extra pleasure when having oral sex. The anus and vagina are contoured to mimic those of actual women and thus providing you with a realistic experience every time you explore vaginal or anal sex.

In the event that our default dolls do not do it for you, do not panic. Like all other products in our store, you are able to customize your anime doll to match your character of choice. We have seven different skin tones to choose from, four eye colours, five breast sizes, and twenty one wig styles all at your disposal.

Different people tend to have different views on pubic hair. To accommodate these views, you have the ability to select from five different degrees of bushiness of the pubes. To accommodate for ease of maintenance, the vagina can either be permanently mounted of detachable. Another customizable feature is the dolls’ ability to be free standing.

Even with all the above options for customizations, we understand that some people are rather particular in their wants and desires. If you fall in this category and you are unable to find a blend of features that suits you in the options offered, you can always get in touch with us and get to build your own anime doll to match your needs.

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