Castle Doll Shyra: The Desert Rose - 156cm Mystic Alien Doll

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Product Description

Unveil the mystique of "Sovereign Shyra," our 156cm alien fantasy doll, a celestial marvel in the world of high-end adult collectibles. Shyra's unique, surreal beauty, with a desert rose hue and enigmatic eyes, captivates and entices. Designed for connoisseurs of extraterrestrial elegance, she transcends the ordinary, providing an immersive experience into science fiction intimacy. Her premium TPE composition and artful craftsmanship ensure an unparalleled encounter with the sublime, catering to discerning tastes in futuristic companionship.


Material :  TPE

Height : 156cm

Weight : 32kg

Shoulder : 34cm

Bust : 85cm

Under Bust : 63cm

Cup: E

Waist : 54cm

Hip : 84cm

Feet: 18cm

Arm: 67cm

Leg: 88cm